Minister of Labour, Solidarity and Civil Service

Éric Woerth

Life and career

Woerth was born in CreilOise. He studied at Panthéon-Assas UniversityHEC School of Management and Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris. He was elected député for Oise in 2002, and was treasurer of the UMP until he resigned in July 2010.[1]

He was secretary of State for Reform of the State in the government of Jean-Pierre Raffarin from 2004 to 2005.

Woerth founded the "club de la boussole", a group of UMP députés, and is a member of the Réformateurs, a liberal trend within the UMP.

He was named Minister for the Budget, Public Accounts and the Civil Service on 18 May 2007, in the government of Prime MinisterFrançois Fillon.[2] Woerth was appointed Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Civil Service in March 2010.[3]

On 5 July 2010, following its investigations on the Liliane Bettencourt and Éric Woerth political controversy, the online newspaperMedia Part revealed a report where Claire Thibout, an ex-accountant working for Liliane Bettencourt, accused Nicolas Sarkozy and Éric Woerth of receiving illegal campaign donations in 2007, in cash.[4][5] The Canard enchaîné and Marianne weeklies later revealed that Éric Woerth authorized the sale of the Compiegne racetrack to a group with close connections to the UMP, for a very low price and through an improper procedure.[6] He currently is under formal investigation by the Cour de Justice de la République for that sale.

Political career

Governmental functions

Minister of Labor, Solidarity and Public service : March–November 2010.

Minister of Budget, Public Accounts, Public Service and State Reform : 2007-2010.

Secretary of State for State Reform : 2004-2005.

Electoral mandates

National Assembly of France

Member of the National Assembly of France for Oise (4th constituency) : 2002-2004 (Became minister in 2004) / 2005-2007 (Became minister in 2007) / And since 2010. Elected in 2002, reelected in 2005, 2007.

Regional Council

Vice-president of the Regional Council of Picardy : 1992-1998.

Regional councillor of Picardy : 1986-2002 (Resignation). Reelected in 1992, 1998.

Municipal Council

Mayor of Chantilly, Oise : 1995-2004 (Resignation) / And since 2005. Reelected in 2001, 2005, 2008.

Deputy-mayor of Chantilly, Oise : 2004-2005.

Municipal councillor of Chantilly, Oise : Since 1995. Reelected in 2001, 2008.

Community of communes Council

President of the Communauté de communes of the aire cantilenne : Since 1995. Reelected in 2001, 2008.

Member of the Communauté de communes of the aire cantilienne : Since 1995. Reelected in 2001, 2008.

The object of mass VOTE: Éric Woerth

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