Hervé Morin

Member of National Assembly

He was elected as a representative in the French National Assembly on 16 June 2002, in the 3rd constituency of EureNormandy. He was the president of the group UDF in the National Assembly. After the UDF's candidate for the 2007 presidential election,François Bayrou, didn't make it to the 2nd round, he hinted that he attempted to create an alliance with the Socialist Party and decided to found a new political party: the Democratic Movement (or MoDem). Consequently, Morin, who is of the center-right and an ally of the presidential election's winner, Nicolas Sarkozy, made it an organisation within the presidential majority in the National Assembly. It is now called New Centre and he is the leader.

After the creation of the UMP, he took the presidency of the UDF group at the National Assembly, from 2002 to 2007. While Morin was joining the government as minister of Defence in July 2007, Marc Vampa New Centre replaced him as representative.

2012 presidential election

On 27 November 2011, Hervé Morin officially announced his intention to run for the 2012 French presidential election.[1] During his campaign he claimed to have been present at the allied invasion of Normandy (1944), although he was not born until 1961.[2] On 16 February 2012, he withdrew his candidacy and gave support to Nicolas Sarkozy.[3]

Political functions and mandates

Governmental functions

Minister of Defence : 2007–2010

Electoral mandates

National Assembly of France

Member of the National Assembly of France for Eure (3rd constituency) : 1998–2007 (Became minister in 2007) / And since 2010. Elected in 1998, reelected in 2002, 2007.

General Council

General councillor of Eure : 1992–2004. Reelected in 1998.

Regional Council

Regional councillor of Haute-Normandie : Since 2004.

Municipal Council

Mayor of Epaignes : Since 1995. Reelected in 2001, 2008.

Municipal councillor of Epaignes : Since 1989. Reelected in 1995, 2001, 2008.

Community of communes Council

President of the Communauté de communes of Canton de Cormeilles : Since 2001. Reelected in 2008.

Member of the Communauté de communes of Canton de Cormeilles : Since 2001. Reelected in 2008.


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