Jussi Niinistö

Personal details

Minister of Defence, 29 May 2015 to present

Doctor of Philosophy, Member of Parliament
The Finns Party
Date and place of birth: 27 October 1970 Helsinki
Place of residence: Nurmijärvi

Political career

Minister of Defence, 29 May 2015 to present

The Finns Party, Deputy Party Leader, 2013 to present

Member of Parliament, 2011 to present
Parliament work

Nurmijärvi Local Council, Member 2009 to present

Other work experience and societal responsibilities

Vapaasoturi magazine, Editor-in-Chief 2006–2011
Adjunct professor, Finnish history, University of Helsinki, 2004 to present
Adjunct professor, Finnish war history, National Defence University, 2004 to present
General Secretary, The Finns Party parliamentary group, 2005–2011
Parliamentary Secretary, The Finns Party parliamentary group, 2004–2005
Project Secretary, The Finns Party, 2004
Researcher, National Archives of Finland, 2003
Managing Director, Association of Finnish Culture and Identity, 1999–2000 and 2001
Research Assistant and Historian, several projects, 1995–2004

Other information

Paavo Susitaival 1896–1993. Aktivismi elämänasenteena (Activism as attitude on life, doctoral dissertation)
Publications in history

The object of mass VOTE: Jussi Niinistö.  
Finland political

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