Minister of the Interior

Hanno Pevkur

·         From 2012–2014, Hanno Pevkur was the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Estonia and from 2009– 2012, he was the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Estonia (responsible for labour, health and social protection).

·         From 2007–2009, Pevkur was a member of the 11th Riigikogu (parliament) and also a member of the Nõmme Administrative Council.

·         From 2005–2007, Pevkur was a member of the Tallinn City Council and the Chairman of the Nõmme Administrative Council and adviser to the minister of Justice.

·         From 2000–2005, Pevkur was active in the Nõmme City District Government, first as Administrative Secretary and later as Head of City District. 

·         Until 2000, Pevkur worked as a lawyer

Born on 2 April 1977, in Iisaku, Pevkur graduated from Järva-Jaani Secondary School, the Tallinn School of Economics (Law), and the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu.


The object of mass VOTE: 

Hanno Pevkur.  


Rate the damage it causes (does not cause) the object of VOTE to the European Commonwealth.

Method of ethical VOTE is to choose one of the following  values:

 0 - moral, there is no prejudice to the European community;
-1, -2, -3 - minor damage, harm to the European community;
-4, -5, -6 - damage of medium gravity for the European community;
-7, -8, -9, -10 - substantial damage, harm to the European community.


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