Minister of Social Protection

Margus Tsahkna

·         In 2007–2015, Margus Tsahkna was a member of the XI and XII Riigikogu. In the same parliament, he was a member of the Monetary and Social Affairs Committee. In 2011–2014, he was Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee.

·         In 2011–2014, Tsahkna was the Vice Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

·         In 2007–2011, he was a member of the Board of the Estonian Environmental Investment Centre.

·         In 2003–2007, Tsahkna was a member of Tartu City Council.

·         Margus Tsahkna has been a member of Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL) since 2000 and
has held the roles of Chairman of Noor-Isamaa, Political Secretary, Secretary General and Vice Chairman.

Born in Tartu on 13 April 1977, Margus Tsahkna graduated from Tartu Secondary School No. 7. He studied in the faculty of theology and the faculty of law in the University of Tartu, and studied international law in the University of Toronto.


The object of mass VOTE: 

Margus Tsahkna.  


Rate the damage it causes (does not cause) the object of VOTE to the European Commonwealth.

Method of ethical VOTE is to choose one of the following  values:

 0 - moral, there is no prejudice to the European community;
-1, -2, -3 - minor damage, harm to the European community;
-4, -5, -6 - damage of medium gravity for the European community;
-7, -8, -9, -10 - substantial damage, harm to the European community.


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