Czech Republic Ambassador to the United States

Petr Gandalovič

Mgr. Petr Gandalovič (born 15 August 1964 in Prague) is a Czech politician and one of the founding members of the Civic Democratic Party. He is the current Czech ambassador to the United States.


1978–1982 Secondary School in Ústí nad Labem
1982–1987 School of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague


1987–1990: Teacher, Secondary School in Ústí nad Labem
1990–1992: Member of the Federal Assembly
1992–1994: Deputy Minister of Environment
1994–1997: Adviser to Minister of Foreign Affairs
1997–2002: Consul General of the Czech Republic in New York
2002–2006: Mayor of Ústí nad Labem
2006 - 2007: Minister for Regional Development
2007 - 2009: Minister of Agriculture
2011–present: Ambassador of Czech Republic to the United States

Political career

1989: One of the founder members of the Civic Forum
1991: One of the founder members of the Civic Democratic Party
2002: Elected as Mayor of Ústí nad Labem
2006: Vice-chairman of the Civic Democratic Party


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Petr Gandalovič.  

Czech Republic

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