Minister of Tourism

Darko Lorencin

Curriculum Vitae

  • Born on 5 June 1970


  • University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics: International Exchange

Business Finance, Business Economics, Market and Price Theory, Financial Markets
Bachelor of Economics (VII/I) 1989 - 1996
University qualifications (B.A.Econ)

  • Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Cambridge (Boston), USA, "Leaders in Development: Managing Political and Economic Reform (2001)
  • MIB Scuola di management, Trieste, Italia, Centres for Innovative Entrepreneurship, 1999
  • IEDC Bled, Slovenia, Business School: Marketing for Managers in Tourism, 1998

Professional career

  • December 2011- March 2013

Ministry for Economic Affairs, Zagreb, Ul. grada Vukovara 78
Development of competitiveness and investment
Assistant Minister

  • June 2000 to 2011

Istrian Development Agency (IDA) Ltd., Pula, Mletačka 12
Development of the County of Istria

  • July 2007

Automobile cluster of Croatia, Buzet,
Automobile cluster organization

  • June 2005-June 2009

County of Istria, Pula City Government
Cooperation with state companies and public sector
Member of the County of Istria Government

  • June 2001 to 2005

County of Istria, Pula City Government
International Cooperation and European Integration
Member of the County of Istria Government

  • February 1997-June 2000

Tourist Board of the County of Istria, Poreč, Pionirska 1
Development of new tourism products
Project manager

  • March 1995–February 1997

Infantinfo d.o.o. (Radio Maestral)
Founder/co-owner, marketing
Head of marketing
Foreign languages

  • English, German, Italian


Architecture, ecological olive growing, original gastronomy, sailing, travel


The object of mass VOTE: 

Darko Lorencin.  


Rate the damage it causes (does not cause) the object of VOTE to the European Commonwealth.

Method of ethical VOTE is to choose one of the following  values:

 0 - moral, there is no prejudice to the European community;
-1, -2, -3 - minor damage, harm to the European community;
-4, -5, -6 - damage of medium gravity for the European community;
-7, -8, -9, -10 - substantial damage, harm to the European community.


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